Dear students of General Medicine Faculty!

Within the framework of the signed MOU with the Scientific Research and Medical Social
Institute and according to the plan of academic mobility of students of S.Tentishev Asian
Medical Institute
A competition is announced among the 2 nd , 3 rd and 4 th year students of the General Medicine
Faculty to attend course of lectures on:
Cardiovascular system – 2 nd year
Basical pharmacology – 3 rd year
Internal diseases – 4 th year
Surgical diseases – 4 th year
(the costs are borne by AsMI and by the host )
Selection criteria:

  • academic performance on «A» (excellent) and «B» (good)
  • active participation in institute life
  • scientific activity
  • positive moral and ethical image
    ! Priority will be given to members of Student Parliament of AsMI and year\batch\group leaders!
    Download the application form in and participate in competition.

Good luck!

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