On December 10, 2021 the Round Table “Health Service Marketing” took place in the S. Tentishev Asian medical institute, at which  3-5th year students took part in online and offline mode.

The goal of the Round Table was to discuss the principles and forms of marketing activities in modern conditions, taking into account that today’s students are future participants of the market of medical services.

In marketing, all elements of medical, preventive and pharmaceutical activities are combined into a single technological process. Within the framework of this round table, students have heard information from specialists about the specifics of marketing medical services and discussed issues of interest with them. This kind of discussion, which will continue in the future, is designed to help students develop the skills of a comprehensive assessment of the market situation, to understand the importance of planning and managing the production of medical servicesя

Following presentations have been made by staff of AZMI Morphology Department and guest speakers:

  • Health Marketing Basics, Mr E. Omuraliev, Teacher on Public Health and Information Activities on PH
  • Your marketing strategies to gain patients, Mr B.Kulambayev, Head of the Morphology Department
  • Marketing in the Private Medicine: Strategies and Tips to Grow Practices on the example of the Private Clinic “Banur Medical”, Ms E. Osmonalieva, Marketing Manager of the Private Clinic “Banur Medical”
  • Marketing of pharmaceutical services, Mr Kallitukkil Ajayan, Director of the Pharmaceutical supply company «Aman Pharm»

During the Q&A and discussion session following overall problems and specific issues of marketing have been raised:

• Practical features of marketing in medical practice.

• Marketing competencies of future medical professionals

• Marketing and Internet marketing of a medical organization

• Corruption and marketing


MR EMIL OMURALIEV, teacher of the Asian Medical Institute named after S. Tentishev on Information Activities for the protection and promotion of Public Health. Graduated from Kyrgyz State Medical Academy (1993) and Academy of Management under the President of Kyrgyz Republic (MBA degree, 1999). Started his career as a general surgeon, as well worked as a Head of Marketing Unit of the National Surgery Center. He has ten years’ experience on Public Health in Emergencies and worked in the WHO Country Office in Kyrgyzstan.

MR BAKYT BEKZHAN KULAMBAEV, Associate Professor, Head of department in S.Tentishev Asian Medical Institute. After graduating with honors from the Kyrgyz State Medical Academy, he underwent research practice at the All-Union Cardiological Center, Moscow (now the Russian Cardiological Center), where he defended his Ph.D. After he has worked in various fields of medicine, including clinical practice, research work and work in the nongovernmental sector. He is the founder of the Public Organization «Health for All», dealing with the prevention of socially significant diseases and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle. For a time he also worked as a representative of Western pharmaceutical companies. In recent years, he has been involved in teaching public health and health care to medical students. 

MS ELVIRA OSMONALIEVA, graduated from Bishkek Humanities University (bachelor) and American University of Central Asia (Master’s degree). Started her career at Sumitomo Corporation in 2002, worked in different international organizations and private companies. Freelance expert on marketing, SMM, targeting. Currently works with Banur Medical Clinic.Mr KALLITUKKIL AJAYAN  (K. AJAYAN), graduated from Russian University of Peoples Friendship (RUDN), Master degree in Physics, Director of the Pharmaceutical supply company «Aman Pharm», import and export of drugs and medical supplies. The area of business: Kyrgyzstan

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