On 12th November, 2021 S. Tentishev Asian Medical Institute situated in Kant, Kyrgyzstan organised 1st International Conference on Medicine and Research 2021 ( ICMR-21) live in person and also in online mode in collaboration with SNO Kyrgyzstan, SNO Europe and the Network TUFH. ICMR-21 Brought all  major medical disciplines together.

Total 19 speakers joined our Conference across the globe and presented their insightful Knowledge in the conference.

We had Participation of over 500 participants both in Offline and online mode, from around the world; and We had our honourable speakers from United States, Tunisia, Brazil, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Greece, Switzerland, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Pakistan, India, Argentina and from Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Prof. Marten Van Dongen Presented about Global threats of AMR, while Dr. Anand Srivastava from California joined us online and shared us about Role of Stem Cell in Covid-19.

We also had the privilege to listen and gain knowledge from Academic Professor from Harvard University, London school of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK about Revisiting the Centrality of research in Health and Medicine in the Era of Pandemics. Dr. Ermek told us about future of medicine in central Asia, by using technology and Innovations, while Dr. Raouf hajji working in Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia also spoke about Emerging technology in Healthcare. Talking about clinical medicine then Dr. Wani Akber from India shared us insightful knowledge about Recent Advances in organ transplant. While the Great surgeon Dr. Orlando M. Torres from Brazil spoke about Surgeon Management of Gall bladder carcinoma.

The  conference covered  vital  issues  in  medical,  medicine  and  health  sciences  under  multiple  sub-themes. The  aim  of  our  conference  was to  support,  encourage  and  provide  a  platform  for  networking,  sharing, publishing  and  nurturing  the  potential  growth  of  individual  Students  and  scholars  across  the  globe. International  Conference  on  Medical  and  Research  aimed to  bring  together  leading  academic  scientists, professors,  researchers,  students  and  research  scholars  to  exchange  and  share  their  experiences  and topics  about  all  aspects  of  Medical  and  Health  Sciences.  It  also  provides  the  premier  interdisciplinary forum  for  practitioners  and  educators  to  present  and  discuss  the  most  recent  innovations,  trends,  and concerns,  practical  challenges  encountered  and  the  solutions  adopted  in  the  field  of  Medical  and  Health sciences.

Aim  :

•  To  promote  interactions  among  healthcare  students  to  Professors/Researches  from  different  countries and  the  exchange  of  research  knowledge  and  experiences;

•  To  promote  and  encourage  innovative  thinking  by  exposing  students  to  current  cutting-edge  research topics;

•  To  educate  healthcare  students  on  the  importance  of  research  in  the  broader  medical  fields  and  expose students  to  future  research  opportunities.

We received very positive feedback From the participants all around the world, as we did a Survey Among all participants by asking them to fill out feedback form.

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